About the Book

Enter a world that borders your own, a world that lingers just outside of the the mortals’ knowledge in THE LANGUAGE OF THE FALLING STARS, the first book in the COMPASS ROSE SERIES.

Briara Penndragon is a twenty-three year old guardian female who has been confined to the shadows of anonymity for her entire life. Under the care of her scholar caretaker, she spent her childhood acquiring the knowledge necessary to fulfill her role as a secret agent for her government. Her curriculum and secret were demanded by the guardian leaders, the Conquistadors. The guardians are a clandestine population of humans blessed with the ability to manipulate earth’s common elements and passion in achieving global utopia for themselves, mortals, and daemons.

The guardians’ goal is stageant until the Conquistadors discover a ceremony that grants ultimate and absolute knowledge to the casters and consider it a direct path to utopia. This way also leads to worldwide domination by the Conquistadors. Recognizing Briara’s ability to see the past in memories, in particular the era in which the ceremony was last performed, the Conquistadors utilize her to gain information about the ceremony. As Briara experiences the past through another woman, Lily, she realizes that the Conquistadors actions are toeing the ethical line, and if they achieve their world domination, the entire world will crumble into a dystopian society. With the bitter taste of betrayal in her mouth, she understands she must prevent the ceremony from happening. Accompanied by an invisible male seraph, Briara must rush to discover the truth of Lily’s past and her present before history becomes a never-ending destructive cycle.

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