Chapter Three | The Boy Who Wanted to be a Soldier



As the new year came and went, bringing with it the curiosity of whether I was quick enough to dodge the elite Nightshades and their magic, my daydreams were filled with escape fantasies. I had approached Jem more than once and begged him to escort me into the city. Every time, I was met with his avid refusal. After the third time, I was frustrated enough to ask Andis after he had called me and was finished interrogating me about my welfare. His snappish reply was one that didn’t allow for rebuttal. “Absolutely not. There is nothing out there for you. Don’t ask again; my answer will be the same. Now, if you will excuse me, I was doing research and I can’t concentrate with you gawking at me like I’m going to perform some trick.”

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Chapter Two | Kings and Queens



Our journey to my new home was lengthy and extensive, taking up the span of a couple of days. After I had dismounted the tree in Ana’s backyard, Andis had led me to a shiny black car on the other side of the field. His two companions followed us. We drove into the city; night had fallen by the time the car pulled into a downtown hotel’s circular driveway. We spent the night in the grand hotel, where I was allowed to order a gigantic plate of spaghetti and ice cream at the hotel’s stately restaurant, swim in the pool, and watch princess movies on television. The three adults observed me throughout the night; I felt their silent gazes on me, assessing and watching.

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Chapter One | The Struggle for Humanity



The Canon of Gods and their rebellious children, the Divine, were laughing in mirth when my mother provided me with my name. Despite her later opinion of guardian society, she still adhered to the guardian tradition, only naming me on the fifth day after my birth. Then and only then, did she announce that my name was Briara Victoria Penndragon, a good and proper mythological guardian name. No doubt she desired to give me a name instilled with both fortune and wisdom.

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Prologue | Ad Astra



On a midsummer’s day, by an alcove of white sand on a beach, waves crashed upon the shore at a consistent pace before retreating. Wet sand ran along the water’s boundary, holding a footprint’s imprint for the duration of the shore’s short freedom between the waves. Serenity claimed the environment, for the only sound along the shore was that of the waves crashing upon the earth’s solid foundation.

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“Find Me Where the Wild Things Are” – An Introduction

“What’s that?” is usually the question I get when I’m focused on highlighting and changing text on actual paper.

“Being able to live off of my writing,” is my typical answer to the “What is your dream job?” question.

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About the Book

Enter a world that borders your own, a world that lingers just outside of the the mortals’ knowledge in THE LANGUAGE OF THE FALLING STARS, the first book in the COMPASS ROSE SERIES.

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